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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Email address is located at the bottom of every page of the website. The email address is also located on all correspondence and confirmations as well as invoices and packing slips.

What is the most important thing to look for when purchasing a buckwheat hull pillow:

  1. The absolute most important thing is to know your source; know who you are buying from.
  2. The founder at beans72 was born in Tokyo and lived her entire life in Japan until moving to the USA in 1999 to start the pillow company that you have all come to enjoy. beans72 has a buyer base that spans 4 continents and many islands in the Pacific Rim and Atlantic Ocean.
  3. There is no other buckwheat pillow company in the USA or Canada today that has authentic Japanese pillows, manufactured by authentic Japanese.
  4. beans72 is a small company producing Rolls Royce quality buckwheat hull products. The materials, dimensions, calculations and workmanship are a result of a lifetime accumulation of knowledge and pillow making experience.


There are at least 6 known "buckwheat pillow companies" that have fraudulently copied our intellectual and copyrighted material, and one can only assume that they are trying to deceive the general public. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong with the materials used in these pillows or maybe the supposed manufacturer or seller are fly by night operators.

The bottom line is this...

Buy from someone you can trust

Who actually makes beans72 pillows and bears:

  1. The founder at beans72 personally calculates and handcrafts all the pillows, bears, and accessories.
  2. The founder at beans72 hand selects all component products.
  3. The founder at beans72 intentionally and deliberately designs and calculates our pillows to be above else, comfortable, and by hand picking the very best of all materials and hulls we can assure you with the highest degree of confidence that you will own the finest pillow available.

Special Shipping Instructions:

We will assist you to the best of our ability with your special instructions, however we have no control over your local delivery person.

There are additional costs associated with some requests and these costs may change without notice - ie: Signature Required = $2.25.

All buyers requesting special shipping instructions will be contacted by us for confirmation and, your shipping will be delayed until we can contact you - So PLEASE provide us with a good working email that you check regularly and a good working phone number.

Your order will be shipped using UPS. UPS cannot deliver to Post Office boxes, so please make sure that you provide a good physical address for delivery.

Return or Returned Shipping Highlights:

  1. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
  2. Buyer is responsible for "returned shipping" charges.
  3. Buyers are also responsible for "returned shipping" charges when :
    aaaa) A package is returned to us as a result of Refused Delivery.
    aaab) A package is returned to us as a result of Non Deliverable Address.
    aaac) A package is returned to us as a result of a Non Response.
  4. You can find the entire policy here: beans72 - Returns

Pillow weights and dimensions:

  1. Our Pillow weights and dimensions are clearly listed and easy to find next to each item on the site.
  2. Our easy to read labels are a statement of our quality; you never have to guess the dimensions of your pillow or bear, or how many pounds of Buckwheat hulls are in your pillow or bear from


Pillows come in many dimensions and weights; don't be fooled into believing that all kings, queens, twins and etc. are identical in dimension and weight…they are not. There are many "companies" getting on the buckwheat pillow bandwagon within recent months and they are vague at best when it comes to describing there products. Here are a few sizes we found while doing our research (of course there is just a partial list)...

Pillow Claim
As seen on TV
? x ?
Amply filled

I know you must be thinking that this is a joke or it just isn't possible, but I can unfortunately assure you that there are more unscrupulous individuals than we can count...and yes thes are real examples.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:

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