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  beans72 buckwheat hull pillows has always, and will always be dedicated to producing Rolls Royce quality pillows. There is no other manufacturer in North America that can even come close to our exclusive quality.

Up until recently all of our pillows have been handcrafted exclusively by the founder and inovator. As beans72 became more successful and reached more milestones it became evident that the founder would not be able to single handedly manufacture all the pillows. The founder is still involved in all day to day operations; she is still first to arrive and last to leave. Her role has evolved into the ultimate tutor, teacher, guru, and beans72 mentor. She still maintains the same passion and enthusiasm for perfection; overseeing and evaluating every component that goes into a beans72 product.

We are all better off because of the principles, moral values and determination of the founder of beans72. We hope that you will share in our pride and expectation whenever you see or use one of our products.



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A little bit about me

I am beans72 and I have been using buckwheat pillows just like the one I'm selling here, since I was a small child in Japan, and I can't sleep without it! In Japan when we want pillows we go to a pillow maker. Unfortunately for me, while living in this country I found it virtually impossible to find an authentic Japanese buckwheat pillow, so I decided to create and manufacture my own based on my own lifetime experience. I believe that once you try this pillow you will never sleep on a "regular" pillow again! No more tossing and turning all night long! You will feel the difference that my buckwheat hulls make. These are the best Handmade Buckwheat Pillows. High QUALITY, designed, calculated and hand fabricated by genuine Japanese.

A little bit about my buckwheat pillows & products

Until recently, I personally and single handedly handcrafted these wonderful buckwheat pillows using old world quality; they truly are the Rolls Royce of Handmade Japanese Sobagara Buckwheat Pillows, bar none. QUALITY, QUALITY, and more QUALITY, designed, calculated and hand fabricated by a genuine Japanese, I have personally picked the very best of all materials including the hulls and I don't believe anyone else selling "SOBAGARA" in the United States of America can say that!

I've hand picked the very best American grown buckwheat hulls, they are locally grown and harvested, and they have been cleaned using a triple cleaning process to remove dust, buckwheat flour, and debris from amongst the hulls. 100% organic, grown totally without pesticides or herbicides and are considered hypo-allergenic. Nothing, absolutely-no additives.

Used for generations by the Japanese, these firm pillows gently conform to the sleeper's head, lending support in all the right places. Know to relieve common sleeping problems such as; tension, muscle pain, stiff neck, headache and stress will conform and adjust perfectly to your head, neck, and spine. Will NOT collapse like foam. The buckwheat hulls allow air to circulate throughout the pillow. Cooling it off quickly.

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